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About, a division of Soar Dime Ltd. and founded by Dr. Michael G. Rayel and his medical colleagues, offers the CARE Approach as the first aid for mental health or Mental Health First Aid. Such practical approach is ideal for health care professionals, trainees and students, parents and families, and the general population.

Moreover, offers the book First Aid to mental Illness and its accompanying Mental Health First Aid Webinar. This program, which is based on Dr. Rayel’s First Aid to Mental Illness, provides a practical, simpler, more cost-effective, and online approach to learning mental illness and its necessary nondrug interventions.

Through, Dr. Rayel also offers webinars and ebooks on EQ, parenting, mental health, and other topics. Currently, we provide EQ Webinars on Emotional Intelligence and Effective Parenting and Emotional Intelligence for Personal and Career Success. Mental Health First Aid Webinar will be available soon. These webinars deliver relevant and easy-to-apply strategies.